Cosmic Disclosure: Aliens and Vaccines

Season 11, Episode 3

admin    06 Jun 2018


David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, here with Emery Smith and Corey Goode.

So, Emery, welcome back.

Emery Smith: Thank you, Dave.

David: And, Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So I thought that we would open this one out . . . we're going to be talking about xenobiology and some really interesting things having to do with the pharmaceutical aspects of that.

This is a story that is very strange.

So since 2000, I've been in contact with an insider who calls himself Walter Storch, among other names. And he has a website called

And he has a book on there with his conversations with a CIA insider named Robert Crowley. So the book is called, “Conversations with the Crow”, because in the CIA he was called “The Crow”.

1 Conversations With The Crow

Emery: Right.

David: Most of the stuff is pretty conventional-sounding insider politics, but then there's a really weird story about the CIA being called in after a woman got hit by a car.

And she gets brought to the hospital, and they put her body in the gurney in the hospital.

And they come back and they lift off the covering on the body, and it has turned into some kind of gel. It's like melted, basically, mushed out.

And the CIA was the first to be called, and they're doing an investigation, and then – he says in the book – Air Force personnel came in, said that the CIA did not have jurisdiction, kicked them out, took the material and left.

And it's just this odd thing, and they don't even believe in extraterrestrials, but they're like, “This is not a regular person”.


David: Yes!

Emery: And you know I know the answer to that.

David: Right.

Emery: It's just an amazing story, Dave. Thanks for sharing it with us.

You never even told me that story . . .

David: I know.

Emery: . . . so I'm really hyped now about how to . . .

David: Yeah!

Emery: . . . explain this jello. So what happens is this. While working in those projects in the underground labs, doing autopsies and working on these foreign tissues and extraterrestrial tissues and whatnot, some of the tissues they learned way before I got there – 20 to 30 years before I got there – they had a problem.

2 Emery Smith

One of the doctors was working on an arm, actually. And after he worked on it, he put it in a bin, went in to storage for about four or five days.

They went to go back and get it and it was all goo. It was all gel – jello – just kind of disintegrated.

So this started happening on a consistent basis with extraterrestrials that were interdimensional, that could shapeshift, that were MUCH MORE advanced than regular extraterrestrials. So think like over 100 million years old for the advanced ones.

David: Hm.

Emery: And everything below that is just kind of a regular extraterrestrials. No offense. Ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha.

Emery: But they're still amazing. No, what I'm getting at is: it was a frequency problem going on where the extraterrestrials that are of this advanced state have a defense mechanism like our white blood cells fight viruses.

And this defense mechanism will not allow a human to acquire the genetic DNA of these beings, because we would probably use it for bad . . . for something not good.

So encoded in their DNA and into their genetic frequency is this program.

So if I were to go up to this being to try to operate [on] it, even fully gowned in a spacesuit, it would basically turn to gel because my frequency does not match it's frequency.

Even though it's dead, it still has frequency, which Corey can attest to. These beings can hold that up to 30 days to a year.

Corey: Right. Basically, their DNA is putting off a frequency while they're living that may be holding the molecules together even.

3 Corey Goode

Emery: Right. And that energy signature will also stay there in the area, as you know through the morphogenetic field, reading these studies, testing of these energies that people have laid in bed and died, and their energy markers are still there.

So this is kind of what has been going on when you hear about, you know, these bodies being found and they turn to jello and whatnot.

So what they did is: they started inoculating a lot of the physicians there and a lot of the technicians that were working on these bodies with, believe it or not, alien DNA.

David: Really?

Emery: And when . . . It was a very small inoculation, like a TB shot, where it's right under the skin, because you just need a small amount of that in your system for you to have that frequency IN YOUR BODY to go and touch this being for 8 to 24 hours it could last.

David: Now, if you didn't have the inoculation and you touched the body, what happens?

Emery: You would destroy it. It would, within 8 hours, turn to this jello-like substance and gel, and it would just break down. It would just turn to liquid.

Corey: Is this a certain type of ET . . .

Emery: Yes.

Corey: . . . like interdimensionals that were using some sort of a medium here to exist in?

Emery: Yeah, absolutely.

Corey: Because a lot of times their energy field will hold together these types of materials to give them a body that they can then use as base material to manipulate with their consciousness.

Emery: Yes, so . . . very good point, because a lot of these extraterrestrials . . . you might see just one person here, but actually they're bilocated, and they might have three of them, but it's one person, if you will.

So picture one person in a craft outside Saturn, let's say, 33 miles long – I'll just throw that out there – and that is projecting and bilocating – an interdimensional creature – a few beings down here, or just one.

And it still is him, and he IS able to manifest into the 3D and have a solid form and hold this energy, you know, like you were talking about.

So this inoculation would allow people to go ahead and work on these beings and to get whatever they needed out of these beings, or just get the samples ready, or whatever is going on, without damaging the body.

Corey: I'm sorry, was this what . . . the term we were calling “biotagging”?

Emery: YES, Corey! Exactly. Biotagging.

Corey: Okay.

Emery: So they would biotag us with this genetic material so we could do this.

What's interesting is: some of the technicians that I remember were hootin' and hollerin' about getting injected, and it became a big thing, and during my stay there they stopped doing inoculations and went to this viscus gel.

And they would put a dime size of this on the back of your hand, before you gown up, and that had enough of the genetic material that would saturate through the skin and into your body.

So inoculations were gone. Now they would use this genetic material with this gel, and then you have a good 24-hour window to work on this being without destroying the tissues of it or being of the same frequency.

Corey: Right and they can also mimic that frequency, bio-neuro frequency, with technology . . .

Emery: Right.

Corey: . . . and now can just create a field in the room . . .

Emery: Uh-huh.

Corey: as long as that being's body is kept in that field, it won't break down.

Emery: Right. Exactly. A big problem they had when they were harvesting a lot of these ETs from downed craft, especially in the '40s and '50s and '60s, was they would basically just grab them and put them in these 55-gallon drums, special containers, full of alcohol or formaldehyde.

And they thought this was going to basically keep them alive, and they just turned to liquid – you know, just gel –

David: Huh!

Emery: . . . and because chemicals also react to these bodies. And a lot of programmed life forms that are not completely organic, also will melt in these things.

So when they open up the canisters, it's just all goo, and there is nothing there.

So they started using water and other substances, saline, to transport bodies . . .

Corey: Yeah, distilled water.

Emery: They'd freeze them right away – and, yeah, distilled, purified water without new minerals in it for conductivity – and transport these beings around the world.

And some of the beings I got were actually still not thawed yet. They were still frozen.

David: You're going to let somebody give you alien DNA? I mean that seems really frightening.

Emery: Very frightening when I look back at it. And I remember a lot of the jokes between the docs and I were, “Oh, my gosh. We're going to wake up some day, and we're going to be dead from this crap.”

But you have to understand, I was a really young age during this . . . you know, when I was doing this.

Corey: At the age when you think you're bulletproof?

Emery: Yeah, when I was bulletproof, and I knew everything back then.

Corey: Right.

Emery: You couldn't tell me anything, because here you are allowing someone to put genetic material into your body, and on multiple occasions, and not thinking anything of it, because I'm thinking to myself, “My goodness, these people love me here. I'm one of their best employees. Of course, they're not going to do anything that would hurt me or kill me, right?”

So, you know, I had that kind of mentality then.

Now, oh, my goodness, it would be a totally different situation. And that's kind of where I ended up being able to work on these higher echelon extraterrestrials, because I didn't have limitations. I would do whatever it took to advance myself in that project at that time.

And if I said, “No,” then I probably would have been let go, to be honest.

David: Were you aware of any deleterious side effects of this extraterrestrial DNA?

Emery: Yes. And they DID brief us on this that some side effects could last anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days.

And some of the side effects could be . . . your eyes would change color, maybe. Sometimes you would have a luminous glow where you . . .

David: Really?

Emery: . . . in the dark would actually cast about three inches of a glowing light that you could not see where it emanated from was one thing.

David: Hm.

Emery: But nothing that was . . . I never got sick or a headache or a stomachache. It was never anything like that. It was just weird morphogenic anomalies.

Corey: Well, other than what you described, the TB-type administration of the genetic material, did you receive any other inoculations or shots?

Emery: Yes. Unfortunately, even when we join the military, you know, you stand in the line . . .

Corey: The gauntlet.

Emery: . . . to get 15 shots of who knows what. And in these classified projects, you have to be inoculated with many different things.

And some of the things, I do not know what they were.

Later on, I found out that these things were antibodies, because in the past they had many outbreaks of different types of diseases in there that were of unknown origin.

But they were able to isolate these viruses and bacteria, make an antidote for that and use vaccines for it, and then you would be given these things.

And I never had reactions to those either that I'm aware of.

But I think it did, later on down the road . . . I think, with my neurological system, I think there was something going on that was . . . as I got older.

Corey: Yeah. And a lot of these injections they give you DO affect your neurological system.

I was given an inoculation for an intuitive empath that is supposed to enhance your abilities, and it REALLY enhanced them. It was amazing.

I was told that we received it from ETs. I don't know if it came from a genetic experiment where they were dissecting an ET, found chemicals that enhanced us, or if it was handed over to us. I don't know.

But it DID have non-human genetic material in it, or enhancements in it, and, yeah, there were a lot of side effects.

Emery: Right. I can attest to that, too, because a lot of the blood and stuff we were taking from these extraterrestrials, trying to figure out how they heal and all sorts of interesting . . . and how it raises consciousness.

And in their blood they had proteins and different types of antibodies – amazing different . . . a whole plethora of amazing different cellular activity and proteins in there that they were recombinantly, synthetically, making from this and selling it to Big Pharma.

Corey: You know, it's interesting enough, you may have dissected genetic material that had come in through the Space Program, . . .

Emery: Sure.

Corey: . . . because we've talked about on Cosmic the human slave trade.

Emery: Right.

Corey: But there is also . . . We receive a lot of technology from non-terrestrials by giving them genetic materials from humans and, you know, plants and other things on Earth.

Well, we receive genetic materials in trade as well from all over the cosmos.

And I've heard that some major breakthroughs pharmaceutically have occurred from these biological samples.

Emery: Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, the advent of them now testing with these amazing pieces of equipment that we don't even have in the civilian world as far as . . . like, you're talking about Xeroxing people.

They actually Xerox cells now in the same fashion that you were talking about. And they're doing it with the genetic material that they're acquiring from these ET autopsies and whatnot and the tissue samples from these beings.

So I agree with that, and I think Big Pharma has profited immensely from these projects, because the corporations patent these proteins and genetic materials and then they sell it to Big Pharma.

Corey: And not only that, pharmaceutical companies, the inoculations they give people, the flu vaccines, those . . . the viruses, live or not, inside those inoculations are a delivery system to carry genetic changes to our DNA.

Emery: Right.

Corey: So we are doing genetic testing on our own people with non-human DNA, terrestrial non-human DNA, and DNA from off the planet.

Emery: Yeah. I've read a couple of briefings on this that stated, especially with the part that has to do with your hormones, . . . So they're really kind of turning men with . . . shutting off their testosterone and making more estrogen.

And for the women, they're just giving them more estrogen and shutting off their testosterone with these supplements and pills.

And that's not good because then it starts to mess up the body because the body's not in homeostasis where it's supposed to be.

Because if it was, everything would just activate and open up and our bodies could heal itself.

Corey: Now, I know you've followed the stories out about vaccines and how they're finding more and more evidence that it contributes or causes autism.

Have you seen anything or have you seen any studies about this causing autism and have you heard anything about Starseeds and the possibility that some of these autistic children are Starseeds that have been targeted?

Emery: I'm not part of those projects, I'll just say up front, but I have heard through my colleagues that are part of projects that are associated with that that there is something going on as far as the inoculations with these children. And they ARE special.

Everyone is special, but you know they ARE special, too.

Corey: Oh, yeah.

Emery: And there's something that's going on in the genetic makeup of this that HAS been either accelerated for the good or suppressed.

And I know you know a little bit more about that than I do, but that's all I really know as far as the autism goes.

Corey: Hm. Interesting.

David: A lot of the people who are researching autism have also done genetic tests independently and concluded that there are highly abnormal and toxic amounts of aluminum in the bodies of people with autism.

Corey: Mercury.

David: What do you think is going on with that? Could people chelate and get rid of that aluminum and maybe reduce those symptoms?

Emery: Oh, yes. They can . . . That stuff can be taken out of the body and be chelated out in more than one way.

And there's special waters out there – the fourth state of water, the plasma state of water – that have recently been introduced to the public that allows . . . You know, we had one of our . . . My colleague had one of his workers that was welding, and he got mercury poisoning and some other metals in his body.

And he had a family and some children, and he was very young, about 35 years of age.

And he was so toxic that they moved him right to Hope Hospice and said he had four days.

Corey: Hm. Because that goes through the blood-brain barrier, doesn't it?

Emery: Yes! That's the problem, because you can't get it out once it's in the brain because the fat in your brain sucks it in without taking . . . you could imagine.

But we were wrong. The fourth state of water has some sort of binding abilities, and it actually bonds to the metals in the body.

So I think he drank maybe 9~12 liters of this in one day, and then two or three days later, he was COMPLETELY free of mercury and lead.

And I'll tell you right now, there is none of us here on this set that does not have mercury and lead in us to some point. But he had zero.

So somehow this advanced water stimulated his body and bonded to these metals and brought them out of the body in some form or fashion. And I don't know scientifically how, but this has been documented.

David: Well, but in general, if someone had . . . like if they go to a naturopathic physician, for example, could they get prescribed a heavy metal detox?

Emery: Yeah. Well, there's chelation IVs. Of course, they're the most popular to take these metals out of your body.

And I would highly recommend anyone that has metal poisoning to do that or find this fourth state of water that's out there that's bottled. And you can buy it bottled.

David: And what is the fourth state of water exactly?

Emery: It's a purified water where they run plasma gas through it, and it changes the structure of the water, the molecular structure.

And they've had some miraculous things. This water hydrates 10 times more than water, so you only need to drink that much [Emery separates his thumb and forefinger 2”] of a regular water bottle to get the same hydration.

So the military is adapting it and doing some testing now because it cuts down the packs for the soldiers. You know, those are sometimes 80-lb packs that these guys . . . It could be up to 15 pounds of water.

Corey: A gallon of water weighs a couple of pounds.

Emery: So by eliminating all that, still having the same hydration, imagine how much farther you could run and not have all this weight, or imagine you wouldn't have to take as much water on a deep space exploration using gas combustible rockets.

So in the 3D, this is where it's going.

Corey: We're getting to a point now to where we're going to start managing our own genetic and spiritual progress. We're not going to be a Petri dish for dozens of different ET groups and black ops groups.

It's something that's going to be exposed and over time become public, and something that we're all going to begin managing ourselves. It's not going to be done behind our backs.

Emery: Right. And that's amazing because once you have control over your own body, amazing things can happen.

One of the reasons the extraterrestrials find humans so fascinating is because we are one of the most adaptable creatures in all the universe.

That means you can poison us, you can throw UV light at us, you can throw electromagnetic waves at us, and you know what, over hundreds and hundreds of years, we adapt. We're like roaches. We can't be killed.

Corey: All evolution happens through stress.

Emery: Yes.

Corey: One of the things that I was told is that our chemistry, our body makeup, is extremely easy to manage and manipulate, more so than a lot of these different ET groups that had to do it over many years of adding technology . . . and managing themselves over many years.

Emery: Exactly, Corey. They over-engineered themselves over time.

Corey: Uh-huh.

Emery: And that is why a lot of ETs are coming back now, and that's why a lot of the stuff I heard you say about the trading and stuff. . . you know, they're trying to fix themselves.

And a lot of them are also just us a couple of million years from the future.

Corey: Right. I've met a few of those.

Emery: Yes. So what's going on now? Do we keep our genetic material in a bank right now?

Corey: From what I've been told, we're going to go through quite a phase in the future. We're going to go through a phase where we rebel.

We find out about all these genetic programs, and we'll rebel against it, and people will start hijacking or hacking their own DNA. And things go crazy to a point to where there are no real different groups of humans.

There aren't really Caucasians and different types of humans. They all kind of mix for a while.

And then we start playing with our genetics in a way that we start tailoring them how we want until we get over that point and then start getting serious about being a cosmic population that is managing their DNA properly.

Emery: Right. Yeah. We are the superheroes of the universe – they look at us – and we look at them like they're the superheroes.

So it's a really neat thing when you are communicating with extraterrestrials to hear this relayed to you, because we think we're just so scrawny and not a big deal compared to that big universe and all those amazing creatures.

But we all work synergistically together, and they are us, and we are them in a way – not all extraterrestrials, but some.

David: I find it fascinating, Emery, that we are coming up against a belief system that's very strong in which people have been taught to believe that the Earth does NOT provide for the health of its people, that we would need to synthesize or artificially manufacture something that wouldn't already be provided by nature.

And so as we go back to that belief, . . . Like you're talking about Chinese herbs, that they're actually superior to the things we could manufacture.

Do you feel that ultimately, we are living in a benevolent living cosmos that DOES provide for all of our needs?

Emery: Absolutely. And that's why we're here today. I mean, the Earth HAS provided for us and so HAS the universe, showering us down with coded energy and material to let us live with the Earth. They're all working together. They're one big giant family, think of it.

Think of all the planets as people. Think of the universe as one.

Everything you need is right here. It's the body. And if you get it at a homeostasis working correctly, it'll fix itself, and all that other stuff just helps it mutate into either a stronger body.

So I think . . . And one of the programs I was working at with regenerative long-term space travel was: there was no part of Earth on these crafts.

And people traveling, and astronauts traveling, were deteriorating, especially over nine months.

Corey: Yeah. They started piping in the frequencies of Earth.

Emery: Right. So they started recording crystal frequencies, rock frequencies, tree frequencies, and all this stuff, and actually bringing plants and crystals and rocks . . .

4 David Corey And Emery

David: Really?

Emery: . . . into space with the astronauts.

David: Wow!

Emery: And guess what happened? They stayed up twice as long without any . . . because they had a part of Earth with you.

Unlike Superman, where if he saw kryptonite, part of his planet, he would be killed, it was the opposite. It allowed us to survive.

Corey: I think you described homeostasis. Life develops in homeostasis. So any planet where life is developing on it, it's going to develop a homeostasis to a point to where everything is going to be there to keep homeostasis, . . .

Emery: Right.

Corey: . . . including medicines.

Emery: And so far, Gaia hasn't kicked us off the planet, yet, because we've been paying rent, but we've been partying too hard, damaging the planet.

So we need to shake that up, and we need to clean up the planet. That's the most important thing to me because without the planet, there is no us.

And then the next more important thing to me is all the animals and mammals of the planet.

And the third thing most important to me is us, the humans.

Because we need all that to work in homeostasis, including the plant life, or we don't exist.

So it's important that we take care of this planet, and that we clean it up with all the horrible things we have done to it that even are not discussed, which you know about, with deep underground testing.

And this all poisons the planet.

And Mother Earth and Gaia will not stand for that much longer.

She's been through this before, and she WILL cast us off, so we need to get the rent up ahead of time and start cleaning up our apartment or there's going to be some fury coming down on us.

David: I find it interesting . . . I stopped watching commercial television in 1991. I was really disgusted with it.

And one of the things that I noticed before I really quit TV, and, of course, now I'm happy to be doing a benevolent form of television that actually raises consciousness, but I would notice that there would be a toxic food product, like a fast food or a processed food, followed immediately by a commercial for pharmaceuticals, which are treating the effects of eating those foods.

So it's as if . . . And then the only other thing you see are commercials for fossil fuel burning vehicles.

Those are the three big things: fast food, pharmaceuticals and cars.

Emery: Right.

David: So how do you think we can un-hypnotize people from the belief that you MUST go the pharmaceutical route if you get in trouble?

Emery: You just did it.

David: Ha, ha.

Emery: And that's what we're doing here. We're making people aware. It's really up to us and up to other people like us. And you have options. You always have options.

And soon there's going to be a lot more options that will just be all out there where you can choose what you want to have, and you can tell the doctor what you want.

David: Well, what was so interesting – I'm thinking about Corey now – is when we started the show, he was not clean eating.

And in the course of some of the ET contacts he had, . . . why don't you tell us a little bit about that, how that changed you.

Corey: Right. Yeah. I was about 80 pounds heavier than I am now. But, yeah, they were trying to get me onto a high frequency diet for some time. And I was eating corn dogs and ignoring them to a point where finally, I ended up getting food poisoning, and I was sort of forced onto this path.

Emery: I remember this, yeah.

Corey: But ever since I changed onto this path, the changes that have occurred in me have been just amazing - the cognitive changes, the health changes. I mean, they've been undeniable.

Emery: Oh, absolutely.

David: And you were able to get off of pharmaceuticals that are supposedly never able to be quit.

Corey: Right, yeah. I was on heavy doses of Xanax for PTSD, and I was able to quit them cold turkey. The doctor told me not to do that. I quit it cold turkey.

I didn't have any symptoms from coming off the medications. It was an amazing experience.

Emery: Wow! Yeah. I can correlate to that because I recently changed my habits lately.

And the messages and the remote viewing and the intuition has just skyrocketed by doing so.

So there is definitely something to what you're putting in your body and the frequency for that.

David: And I remember Pete Peterson on this same topic telling me that people simply changing their diet can lead to as much as a 20-point boost in the IQ.

Emery: Oh, for sure!

David: You believe that?

Emery: Yes, sir! Absolutely.

David: Why do you think that would happen?

Corey: Toxins and inflammation.

Emery: Yep. Inflammation and toxins – that's the key.

David: How would that increase your IQ, though, if you get rid of inflammation and toxins?

Emery: Well, because inflammation is slowing up your heart rate. Your heart has to work harder. You're full of cholesterol and all these other fat soluble things floating around.

And that limits the amount of hemoglobin and oxygen GOING to your brain.

David: Ah!

Emery: So by increasing the oxygen content to your brain, you increase angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, which then saturates your brain and gives it all the energy and oxygen and food that it really needs.

And things hinder that like smoking, taking drugs and eating bad, and whatnot, not exercising.

So by just eliminating a couple of those things and getting out and moving around a little bit, you're increasing this mana that's in you and allowing the frequency to change and take place.

David: And here at Gaia, we have a lot of programming about tai chi, yoga, things like this.

How do you see those movement disciplines as related? Is there a reason for people to be doing that kind of stuff? Would that also help?

Emery: I think it's very beneficial, in my own opinion. I do all those things.

And, you know, you're bringing energy in, and you're thinking positive. And just that alone, reducing the stress in your body, being able to shut your mind off for just an hour a day, does wonders for your consciousness and for your health.

David: Well, that's awesome. I want to thank you, Corey, for being here. I want to thank you for being here, too, Emery. And I want to thank you for watching.

This is “Cosmic Disclosure”, and we'll see you next time.

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