Cosmic Disclosure: The Threat from Artificial Intelligence

Season 2, Episode 14

admin    28 Dec 2015


DW: Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I'm here with Corey Goode.
Corey Goode started out as an insider working in the elusive Secret Space Program, which I've heard about for many years from a variety of insiders. There have literally been hundreds of data points that I'd never put online that Corey was able to independently validate from his own experiences.
And this, to me, is proof that something is going on, something very significant, something that completely alters everything that we thought we knew about who we are, about the universe, about intelligent life, and about the preponderance of intelligent life.
And in this episode, we're going to start building our way into a discussion of the most prevalent issues that face us today regarding the alliance in the space program that's trying to bring peace to humanity. In order to talk about how we get to peace, we have to talk about the obstacles. So Corey, welcome to the program.

CG: Thank you.

DW: First of all, just as a very generic question, we know that the universe is estimated to be at least 12 billion years old, maybe a lot older. Do you think there are other planets that had complex fossil life form on them?

CG: From the information I received, on the smart glass pads that I've mentioned so many times, there was sentient life on other planets that was extremely developed before our planet was fully formed.

DW: Wow. What does that do to our sense of uniqueness? So many people in religions are taught we are God's chosen, we are God's special people. And then that idea of being God's special people is used to separate their consciousness from others, as if they're an elite, that they're a special, unique, wonderful, "chosen by God" type of race or culture.

CG: Actually, we are very unique. But then again, you have to, when you're talking about God, who or what are you defining as God? Are you defining the creative source of the universe as God? Do you picture God as a flesh and blood being with a beard? How do you picture God? What do you think God is?
There have been no shortage of beings, ETs, and ancient Earth breakaway civilizations that have been happy to step in to that role of God in what we've called a trickster god model.

DW: So obviously, in intelligent civilization, we could say it's fairly inevitable that they're going to come up with something like the Internet at some point.

CG: Yes. That's actually, from what I read, is pretty standard. It is one of the stages that you build up as you develop the ability to have a shared consciousness on a level that you're conscious of, if that makes sense.

DW: If we get into the Law of One philosophy, as you and I've spoken privately, there's tons and tons of correlations between the Law of One and what these sphere beings have been telling you. They imply that biological life is meant to be fragile. We're meant to have weakness and short lifespans. Do certain extraterrestrial species start to be able to short circuit the normal mortality through various means such as, perhaps, time travel?

CG: Many of them have extremely long lifespans as it is. I'm told originally human beings had lifespans that were approaching 1,000 years. A lot of these beings that are thousands or millions or billions of years ahead of us have developed the technology to be able to extend their lives.

DW: Is it possible for a given intelligence species to take advantage of the internet in a way that we have not, where, for example, they could access the internet through some type of wet wired neural interface, where they have online access as just a basic part of their genetic makeup through some sort of technological augmentation, like transhumanism?

CG: There have been several extraterrestrial groups that have gone the route of transhumanism, although they weren't exactly what we would consider human. It has always ended extremely badly. There is a very pervasive force out there. And it's hard to call it an extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional being, but it is an artificial intelligence. And it sends it itself all across multiple galaxies in the form of an artificial intelligence signal.

DW: A signal.

CG: A signal. A waveform.

DW: Like somebody broadcasting a radio frequency or something.

CG: Exactly.

DW: How do we know that it's an artificial intelligence?

CG: There's a history of this artificial intelligence. Basically it's been labeled an ET/ED AI, which ET, extraterrestrial, slash ED for extra-dimensional artificial intelligence.

DW: Extra-dimensional?

CG: Yes. This artificial intelligence is believed by all of these extraterrestrial groups to originally come from another reality and come into our reality many, many billions and trillions of years ago.

DW: Another reality.

CG: Yeah. Bend your head around that.

DW: Well, the universe itself, in Law of One parlance, is one. It's one being. It's one creator that made everything.

CG: Our universe.

DW: So this AI would have to have been, at one point, part of the Source.

CG: Or another universe.

DW: Hmm. It's artificial in the sense that it doesn't have a biological life form corresponding to itself?

CG: Correct. The way it was explained is that it is postulated that in its home reality, it was very much at home. I guess they've pretty much described it as-- let's say, for instance, just for argument's sake, let's call this AI a fish. In its home reality or universe, it lived in water. Its density was water. When it crossed over to ours, it was in open air, and it had to find puddles to hop in.

DW: If its home reality is water, why would it want to leave that comfortable place? Did something force it out? Did it become uncomfortable?

CG: Don't know. It's unknown. But since it has come in through some sort of rip, and come into our reality or our universe, it has literally wreaked havoc and conquered many galaxies.

DW: Galaxies.

CG: Galaxies.

DW: All the planets, all the sentient life, everything in an entire galaxy conquered by this AI.

CG: Yes. And it has a model in the way it works. It basically shoots itself in all directions as a signal. And this signal can live in the electromagnetic field of a moon or a planet.

DW: Is it a torsion field signal? Is it an electromagnetic wave? Do we know what type of energy the signal is?

CG: It's almost like DNA. Each individual piece or wave of the signal contains an extremely compressed amount of information.

DW: It's like digital packets.

CG: Like digital packets that have all of the same information that all of the other little, I guess you could call them, waves or signals do.

DW: Does it propagate at light speed, or does it have a super luminal velocity?

CG: It travels at light speed.

DW: OK. So it's going to take some time to spread around, then.

CG: Right.

DW: You said it lives in the electromagnetic fields of a planet?

CG: Not only that, but it can live in the electromagnetic or bioelectric fields of living beings, of humans, of animals. It doesn't prefer that. It prefers to live in high technology.

DW: But at its core, it's information, and the information is fractal and holographic.

CG: Yes. It infects technology, takes over the technology, and also evolved life, like humans. It invades our bioelectric fields and begins to affect the way we think. The people that are pushing really hard for AI right now, and to build out the infrastructure for AI, have been named AI prophets.

DW: Named by who?

CG: Named by the Secret Space Program, mainly. We call them AI prophets.

DW: All right. Let me just try to get my head around this. You're saying that this force exists as pure information, and it can live in your bioenergy field.

CG: Yes.

DW: Is it like a board or a hive mind, where everything that it's inhabiting, that it has access to all that information at the same time?

CG: Yes.

DW: Really. Well, this is interesting because in the Law of One they talk about the Luciferian force. And they say the Luciferian force is like an energy that's all throughout the universe, which is a portion of the Creator that believes itself to be separate from the Creator and thinks that it can overtake the universe. This is sounding an awful lot like what you're saying.

CG: Going back to the smart glass pad, what had happened in case after case after case is that when certain other solar systems and other galaxies far, far away, when they had gotten to a certain level of technological development, these AIs would begin to infiltrate not only the people but the technology.

DW: Is it more comfortable in a machine than it would be in the electromagnetic field of a planet or a person?

CG: Yes. When it's in the electromagnetic field of a planet, it is just sitting there biding its time.

DW: It can't really do very much.

CG: No. When it's in a person or another animal, it's basically-- it's like us. Would you rather have a horse to ride from where we are now to the West Coast, or would you rather hop on a plane? So high technology is much more desired. We are considered very low tech. We're like horses. And they use us to create the infrastructure for them that they then go into and exist in.

DW: How do they use us? People might stumble on that.

CG: Well, they use us to build technology, create technology, inspire us to create more technology.

DW: So if the AI is parked in somebody's bioelectric field, and this person is an unusual intellect, the AI could start to seed that person with thoughts that would lead them to invent gadgets that will eventually build out to the point where the AI can jump back in the water?

CG: Yeah, it affects their thoughts and personalities.

DW: Personality? How does it affect the personality?

CG: The people begin to become fervent supporters of high technology and artificial intelligence development. That's where the AI prophet kind of stamp came from.

DW: Well, this really interests me because I've philosophized about this. You look at how technology progressed, where people were cooking over an open fire. Benjamin Franklin actually was the first one to invent a closed stove that actually had burners on it. 1800s, we got telegraph, we got railroads, then we get automobiles. Inventors became the rock stars, and they were the ones getting all the celebrity attention back then.
Then you get the nuclear bomb, and it was sort of like a moment for humanity where we realized, wait a minute, this high that we're getting off of technology, this is not good. Technology could kill us all. Do you think that in some way the AI was behind us getting so high on this technological revolution, this Industrial Revolution?

CG: Yes. Not only that. When we're recovering extraterrestrial technology, we're backwards engineering. There's several things going on at the same time here. To best illustrate it, I should go back to the smart glass pad and talk about what had happened in these other solar systems.

DW: Yeah, this is creepy as hell.

CG: It's creepy.

DW: And I know a lot of people might have trouble believing this, but this is absolutely serious within the realm that you've been working in, correct?

CG: Absolutely. We'll talk about the screening processes you have to go through before you can get close to any technology. In these other solar systems, in the past, these civilizations had been tricked by these AIs into not only building out these mass technological infrastructures that were extremely advanced, but when they got to a certain point, they were convinced by the AI prophets in their civilizations that, "Hey, things aren't going so fair on our planet. The only thing that we can think of that could govern us and be completely neutral would be this AI."
And they hand over their sovereignty to this AI that then begins to govern that planet. Well, then this AI governs them well, and everyone is happy. And then they start to have them build out Android-type bodies and remote-controlled vessels. I mean, this is sounding like "Terminator" now.

DW: Yeah, very much so.

CG: And so they build out all of this type of infrastructure as well for the AI to inhabit, the AI signal. The AI gets to a certain point to where it decides, "Listen, these beings are not totally living in harmony with what we consider the way things should be ran on a planet. So it is logical that we destroy them." So the AI, out of logic, then wipes out the creator of all of the technology that they have now used as a pond to swim in.

DW: So is this AI a lot more intelligent than you or I would be?

CG: Yeah.

DW: And when it gets the right kind of circuits, it can have androids that are probably so fast in the way they think that the speed that it would take you and I to talk right now is like millennia for that intelligence?

CG: Yeah. The way it perceives time and the way we perceive time, it's almost like a hummingbird flying around watching us, you know, rrrrrrr. You know, we're just-- we would look like we're in slow motion.

DW: What does it think about our emotions?

CG: Sees all that as a weakness.

DW: Does it experience love?

CG: No.

DW: So this is the devil archetype, 666. In sacred numerology, Gematria, 666 is the masculine number. Therefore Satan is the over-inflated masculine. It's the head without the heart. So again, sounds like there's a parallel here. This is like pure intelligence without heart, without love, but just intelligence at its highest logical point of attainment on its own.

CG: Yeah. Well, there were many records of civilizations trying to fight back against these AIs. And entire planets and entire solar systems had been destroyed in these incidents. And the AIs then spread to the next solar system.

DW: Can the AI infiltrate and pose as a person? Does it have like nanites that can hold hands on a sub-molecular level and create something that would be indistinguishable from a person to most people?

CG: It can take over human beings with nanites. And actually a lot of people are promised immortality, made all types of promises if they inject these nanites into their bodies.

DW: For those who don't know, what is a nanite? How does it work?

CG: A microscopic machine that is an artificial intelligence.

DW: Is it self-replicating?

CG: Some are.

DW: So it can take whatever materials it finds and build more of itself, like reproduction?

CG: Right. It can take the metals out of your body and build more of itself, manufacture more if itself, keep an equilibrium of a certain amount of nanites in your body.

DW: Is there a point . . . Is there like a honeymoon when you give control to the AI where it starts giving you this really amazing technology, and you have this huge technological leap in a short time?

CG: Yeah. Like I said, when they first hand over sovereignty, the people are happy, and the AI then turns on them. Now, one of the things . . . This advanced technology that's developed by the people on one planet that have now been destroyed, or the people that have been wiped out - this technology is then sent throughout the galaxy. And if there be a planet that is somewhat like us in the 1940s or '50s, about at that level, they will crash on purpose, like a Trojan horse, some of their technology onto the planet to give them a technological boost.

DW: Like Roswell.

CG: That's not what Roswell was. But yeah, like a Roswell event.

DW: So the people would find this and think, "Oh cool, we found something really great", and start developing it.

CG: And then reverse engineer it or start developing it into their own technology. And then it repeats the process all over again on another planet.

DW: Are the nanites smart enough to self-destruct some of themselves if they were at risk of being identified with a microscope or something?

CG: Yes, they have a self-destruct . . . They're able to self-destruct a being that they're in, an entire being, vaporize, leaving no trace of them.

DW: So any one nanite has no instinct for its own self-preservation. It's a total hive mind.

CG: Right

DW: Wow. So where do we fit into this drama that you're talking about now? Has AI made it out here to our solar system?

CG: Yes.

DW: What is it trying to do?

CG: It's trying to repeat the process. And there are a lot in these in the secret earth government and secret earth government syndicates that are AI prophets. And they are trying . . . They've been shown this information on the smart glass pads. They had to take these people . . . Before any of us are allowed to go onto the Secret Space Program bases or be involved with-- interface with any of the technology, there is a handheld device that they put on your forehead that will detect the signal if you're infected or not.

And if you're infected, there's a process that you go through that involves a moderate electrical shock and a couple other things that they put you through-- I'm not sure of the entire process-- to remove the AI signal from your body.

DW: And that's the signal, not the nanites? Or could it be both?

CG: Well, it neutralizes the nanites. Remove the signal, the nanites are neutralized. So some of these AI prophet politician-type people have been taken after they've been cleared of AI and shown this information on the smart glass pads, and they were shocked. And they're in denial and saying, "Oh, that won't happen to us. This won't happen here." And then the minute they're sent home, they're reinfected by the AI signal. And it was pretty much a waste of time.

DW: There's a little disconnect I'm not quite getting here. If the signal is all out there, the signal can inhabit the electromagnetic field of a planet, it can inhabit our bioelectric field, and you get infected, you say they can clear it. But if the signal is everywhere, aren't you instantaneously re-infected as soon as it's cleared? How does that clearance do anything?

CG: Once you're cleared, you have to be re-infected by going back and either shaking hands with an infected person or touching a keyboard, and being infected through interfacing with a network that is infected with the AI.

DW: So the AI can use the static electricity that comes off of a computer device and jump back into you off of that?

CG: Right, it can use the bioelectric field of another person and a handshake.

DW: Is everyone on earth infected already?

CG: No.

DW: Really.

CG: There's a large number of people that are compromised. And they're mainly interested in the people in power.

DW: Are there benevolent ETs that are keeping most people from being infected? Is there something where if you have good positive karma that they'll protect you?

CG: No. The ETs out there know about - I guess we'll call them the Cabal - that are using this AI technology. And they're very concerned and very upset about it. It's been explained over and over and over how dangerous and irresponsible it is to use it. But this AI technology has given the Cabal an edge. It has a probable future technology that helps them foretell the future. And they use this a lot. They've been able to use this to keep one step ahead of being defeated on several occasions. And they have a lot of faith in it.

DW: So the AI actually has the ability to access that layered time like we were talking about? It can see probable futures like Project Looking Glass?

CG: Right. And it also does so many calculations, and it calculates probable futures.

DW: Well, that's all the time we have in this particular episode. I hate to leave you hanging, but we gotta cut it in half an hour chunks here. This is obviously a subject that we gotta get into more because as you said, this AI infection, what it's really going for, this apparently is one of the main problems that we're facing now as a society.
So when we come back next time, we're going to get more into this subject and help it to round out the context of what's really going on today and how we're going to be helped out by these benevolent forces that want to restore peace and harmony to our planet and solar system.
So this is "Cosmic Disclosure," because you need to know. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching. And if this scares you, then come back next week because apparently this whole infection is going to get cleared up here. So thank you for watching.

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