Corey Goode Intel Update Part 2

August 2016

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Raw-Tear-Eir greeted me in the normal fashion. Raw-Rain-Eir, and the Golden Triangle Head Being stayed in position about 30 feet away and seemed to have their attention focused in my direction.

Tear-Eir then began to communicate with me using similar wording as seen in the Law of One.

When I was in Joshua Tree for the conference this past summer, I had an experience that caught me off guard. It began when many of the attendees at Contact in the Desert saw a blue blinking light in the sky for some time, at a high altitude. There was no corresponding red light as you would normally see with an airplane. The “blue blinker” did not move at all like a plane, going forwards and and side to side in different patterns. I called David in excitement when I saw it myself and soon he went outside and observed it for an extended time as well.

The next morning, I was in my cabin laying on the bed when I suddenly heard a chorus of voices of all ages and both genders repeating “We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator.” I immediately jumped out of bed and went outside to see if the source of the voices was visible. I saw nothing as I scanned the desert terrain and the skies above it. The voices stopped. I went back inside the cabin and sat on the bed, wondering what just happened. I glanced over at my copy of the Law of One (Book One) that was on the head of the bed.

I had been trying to read the book for a number of but was unable to retain anything that I had read. When I would try to read it, my mind would wander. The words seemed to hover above the page, causing me to feel a little nauseated and dizzy when I tried to push through reading it. I reached over and picked up the book, and began to read and retain the information for the first time. Once I had finished reading the book, I was surprised to have Tear-Eir communicate with me in the same wording the next time we met. I was now able to ask more direct questions and receive answers that were easier to translate into human language.

Roughly a week later, I was awoken once again by a blue orb entering my room. I had no advance warning about this meeting, so I was unable to mentally prepare or change clothes. I was then taken to one of the spheres where Tear-Eir was waiting for me. In that meeting with Tear-Eir, it was confirmed that I had received my first contact from the Golden Triangle Head Being when I heard the phrase, “We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator.” The name Tear-Eir used for this being was an almost unpronounceable, short sound. I knew who he was referring to when this name was used thanks to the overall context of the discussion.

In our current meeting, I was standing before Tear-Eir and he began to communicate. My attention was directed back to the cosmic scene that was unfolding all around us. I was watching the spheres slowly moving in the direction of Venus and Earth on their way to the outer solar system. They were looking more and more as if they were fading away. The Sun began to crackle with the same strange electrical discharge that I had witnessed on my last visit days earlier. It appeared as though there was a halo of arcing electricity emanating from the Sun’s corona.

Tear-Eir then sent me visualizations of the Sun emanating a series of powerful energetic blasts in a pulsing manner. I then saw the energy waves hitting the Earth’s magnetic field and wrapping around it. The energy was directed into the Earth’s core via the north and south poles and then emerged outward from the Earth’s surface.

I was thinking to myself that it would be impossible to hide underground from this energetic wave, no matter how deep below the surface or shielded by advanced technology you were. I expected the next communication to be about the scene I had just witnessed. Tear-Eir then communicated that our co-creative mass consciousness was playing a part in what was and soon will unfold.

I was not shocked to hear that there were energetic, cosmological and mass-consciousness components to what was occurring in our solar system. However, I was surprised to discover how much our mass consciousness was influencing this reality. Tear-Eir then communicated that every last human on the planet was an important contributor in this process, none being more important or special than another. It was a message of Oneness – the central premise of the Law of One series.

“He” further communicated that the consciousness of other beings – now trapped in our solar system – were also contributing to the process. Tear-Eir then communicated that the increased energetic waves were causing behavioral changes on Earth, as well as on various bases and vessels that resided within our star system. This also was interfering with the “behavioral modification” grid that has influenced the thoughts and behavior of people on this planet for many thousands of years. As a result, this grid had to be turned up to its maximum power level to have the desired effects on the population, which I was told would also increase its side effects.

The energetic changes and increased power to the mind control grid were causing people to begin to behave erratically, and become apathetic and ineffective. I had noticed this effect on both myself and those operating around me in recent months.

Tear-Eir then stated that we had reached the point of an increased merging of “temporal realities” that would continue exponentially as the energy emanating from our star increased.

I had received emails with questions about the “Mandela Effect,” but hadn’t been able to look into it. In one of our recent trips to shoot episodes for Cosmic Disclosure, one of the producers at Gaia brought up the topic and went into detail about it. My interest was peaked, and I then looked into the phenomenon more deeply when I got home.

Tear-Eir then communicated that indeed this was a real and an example of what we would experience more and more until the final merging. He stated that our co-creative consciousness was directing us toward a choice of which temporal reality we will ultimately experience. We have a small window to push ourselves through in order to jointly experience the optimal temporal reality.

Tear-Eir and I then discussed a few other topics, including some that were personal or had to do with people operating around me. Among the topics we discussed was the shockingly low number of humanity that would be ready for Ascension if it occurred at the current time. Tear-Eir communicated that "less than 300,000" would ascend at that moment in time. It would only be approximately 0.0042 percent – less than one out of every 23,000 people. It was apparent that time was short for all of us to process our karma and increase our own service-to-others polarity.

I asked if there would be a way to tell if we had directed ourselves to the optimal temporal reality. Tear-Eir simply replied that “if the world is shaken” around David and , we would then know that our mass-consciousness had chosen an “other than optimal temporal reality.” In that instance, David and I would gnash our teeth and recognize what had occurred.

I thought to myself that this might be an earthquake, but David and I live quite a distance from one another. The likelihood of us experiencing the same earthquake seems very small. However, after I discussed this with David, he said that a pole shift scenario would involve simultaneous world earthquakes, volcanic activity, and super-storms. It is important to note here that we do have the ability to steer our future into the “optimal temporal reality.” It involves pushing for Full Disclosure and doing our part to increase our own positive polarity and Ascension.

I was about to inquire more about what had just been communicated when I then noticed a blue orb arrive. The orb deposited Gonzales next to the other three beings mentioned before. He was facing them and obviously communicating with them. The entire group appeared to glide over to within about 10 feet of Tear-Eir and I as we wrapped up our communication.

Gonzales greeted me with a big smile and “I hope you didn’t miss me too much”. It was nice to see that he still had the same sense of humor. He had just gotten back from a meeting with the SSP Alliance where the Mayan group was also present. He then put his hand on the back of my shoulder and guided me to walk with him. He now began delivering the rest of his communication that had been interrupted by the appearance of the blue orb that had taken him away.

He then asked himself, “Let’s see, where were we? Oh yes.” He then went over some of the things we had discussed earlier in order to be able to continue where he left off.

When he went over the Antarctica details again, he mentioned a few new data points that he hadn’t brought up in the previous conversation. The thing that stuck out the most was when he stated that not far from the ruins I observed, an ancient burial ground had been located. This burial ground had graves that ranged from 18 to 60 thousand years old. The remains that were excavated were of a non-human race with elongated skulls and odd skeletal structures. Specifically, their ribcage and hips do not have the same proportions as a normal human being. This was a description that I recognized immediately, as it matched those of Egyptian pharaohs such as and his wife Nefertiti.
Furthermore, preserved remains of these same beings were found that had been flash-frozen in the ice shelf, along with a variety of prehistoric animals. Some of the ruins had also been lifted above ground level and flash-frozen in the ice. It was as if a giant tsunami had been suddenly transformed into ice. What ever happened had occurred very quickly, with little warning to the inhabitants of these structures – much like the idea of a sudden pole shift.

Gonzales told me that when he lived underground with the Anshar for those few weeks, he saw some interesting things. He made these observations as a result of doing his ground recon, going everywhere he could and viewing what he saw there. On two separate occasions, he noticed two of the priest caste walking down a corridor that ended in a solid cave wall. They walked right through the wall but he was unable to do so himself. It was quite difficult for him to find a way to look into the room they had gone into, but he discovered a fissure in the wall that allowed him to see where they went. When he looked in, he saw a number of different types of giants that were conversing with the two priests. Their heights varied considerably. These giants were very upset. They appeared to be prisoners or refugees. The bigger one that was conversing with the priest in the front had his head in his palm. He was making what Gonzales perceived as groaning noises. Shortly after that incident, Gonzales had worn out his welcome and was asked to leave. He didn’t have any information on why the giants were there.

Gonzales then went into recent details about negotiations between the Earth Alliance and the syndicates that make up what many of us refer to as the Cabal.
These negotiations seem to be going nowhere fast. They are now debating the fates of the syndicate members and those that had worked under them – both wittingly and . These syndicates insist that either everyone in their groups given full immunity and pardoned from prosecution, or no one should receive immunity. They were referencing everyone who had worked in various unacknowledged programs on the planet, as well as those who had served them off-planet as I had done in the SSP.

They also continue to insist on a controlled, partial disclosure that would gradually unfold over the next 100 years. They opposed any type of document dumps, insisting that this would the entire socio-economic system on the planet. They argued that a full disclosure would lead to chaos and many deaths from rioting and the anger and panic from countries victimized by the Cabal. These victimized countries might begin crashing each other’s economies and take sudden and boldly aggressive acts against each other, leading to large-scale wars. A large number of the Earth Alliance members have similar fears of these scenarios taking place in the event of a full disclosure.

Gonzales then went on to state that the syndicates had already prepared for a massive document dump. They have developed a kill switch for the internet, and can knock out communications and even electricity in certain regions to stop the data from being viewed. They can mitigate any response from those who had viewed the data, such as through their controlled establishment media outlets. They can also manicure and remove videos, articles or social media posts that contradict their agenda. Gonzales said that the document dump event may start off as a data-dump war.

The Panama Papers seemed to be the Cabal’s first strike to let the Alliance know that they also had incriminating evidence that could put many of them on trial as well.

It is now believed that document dumps need to occur in spurts in order to have a higher possibility of actually reaching the population. These syndicates have been continually pushing for WWIII, without gaining any success.

They still continue to make threats to cause natural disasters, which includes detonating charges that would cause two to erupt, causing an extinction-level event on Earth. I highly doubt that this would be allowed to occur, but most of the Earth Alliance does not feel like they can gamble on it.

Skirmishes are continuing to occur in our upper atmosphere and various areas around Earth and other celestial bodies in our star system. The fear of an advanced craft crashing in a populated area is very real to both of these groups. Both sides have members of their groups that are ready to pounce if a crash does indeed occur.

They have cooked up cover stories involving nuclear-powered satellites crashing and causing contamination in large areas. This could compel people to either flee or stay in their homes until informed otherwise. A number of different cover stories are in place that will allow them to attempt to clean up any debris before it is witnessed or photographed by the local population.

In these skirmishes, many different military satellites and weapons platforms have been destroyed, causing them to burn up in our atmosphere or to be flung out of our orbit. A certain number of malfunctions that have caused the loss of some of these assets have been attributed to the ever-increasing solar activity.

We discussed a few other topics that ended with Gonzales delivering the olive branch from the SSP Alliance, as he had mentioned in our last conversation. It was relayed to me that if they still had access to the LOC and its healing technology, they would have made it available to me. The problem is that they no longer have any access to it at this time. They did state that they had managed to secure some medical assets that would assist me with some of my health issues that are a result of my “20 and Back” service in the SSP.

They also offered to have the Wrangler apologize to me publicly. I tensed up at the mere mention of this individual and was not particularly excited about the prospect of being in his presence again. As if he read my mind, Gonzales stated that this individual had been put under house arrest, because he refused to stop pursuing me through his proxies.

The SSP Alliance further wanted me to accept the deal that the Wrangler had tried to shove down my throat. They wanted me to become their asset and follow their orders. I would receive logistical and financial support if I agreed, but would be muzzled from divulging the full details to David or anyone else. This made me feel as if the olive branch that was being offered bore no fruit. I politely declined.

Gonzales state that I would be appearing before them in the future to be a liaison between them and the Sphere Being Alliance. Some of these individuals would also be present at future meetings arranged by other non-terrestrial groups. Therefore, I needed to keep a somewhat cordial working relationship with them, which seemed impossible at this point.

We spoke about the upcoming presidential elections in the US, as well as some other lower-level topics before he ended the conversation. Gonzales said that the Cabal would not allow Trump to become the President of the United States, even if they had to have an asset run up and stab him on his inauguration day.

Gonzales then brought up another topic we had discussed months ago. There have been quiet movements of DHS assets and operatives that are positioning themselves to prepare for social unrest. They intended to put down any such unrest violently. This compelled various groups in the military to shadow these operatives with special forces teams. These groups are traveling in plain clothes and taking jobs in areas where they were assigned to blend in.

Gonzales stated that the Cabal groups had enjoyed the recent successful operations to fan racial discord and cause riots. He expected this operation to expand in the months leading up to the election and beyond. He also expected Alliance countries to begin to sell off treasury bonds and completely abandon the dollar as another operation for mass distraction.

At this point, we were both taken away by blue spheres with very little preparation. I suddenly ended up back in my home. I then sat back and went over the information I had received for a couple of hours before I could move on with my regular family life.

Over the following weeks, I had a few more meetings with that were mostly of a personal nature.

Then, on August 3rd, she contacted me and told me to prepare mentally for our return trip to the Ancient Builder Race (ABR) outpost on Venus and outside the orbit of Saturn. I began to meditate and tried to get myself into the correct state of mind and vibration for this encounter. It was very clear that if I didn’t do so, there was a chance that I would be turned away as Gonzales was.

It was a week later – August 10th – that this meeting finally occurred. I was excited and a little nervous that I would not be granted entrance.

At a little after 3AM (CST) on that morning, I was finishing up getting dressed when there was a white flash in the room. I found myself standing before and two other men from the Anshar. We were in the same room I had been in before, which was just outside of their hangar.

We went to the Anshar bus with the blue and then left through the blue vortex above us. The vortex then appeared beneath us as we emerged above the ocean before going straight up through the atmosphere. We went through an area in which they are cleared to “punch in and out” of the Earth’s atmosphere by the LOC and other groups that manage air traffic. We seemed to make it to Venus quicker this time, as it was only about a 10-minute flight.

We then stopped at the same distance from the planet as we did previously. There was no other air traffic this time, other than what appeared to be a small asteroid and other debris that had been captured in the orbit of Venus. We waited for a bit longer than the time it had taken us to get there. then communicated, “We are clear. Are you ready?”

We then zipped down to the surface so quickly that I was barely able to perceive the thick yellowish clouds that we traveled through. We stopped about a thousand feet above the surface of the planet. It was extremely eroded by rain and . Some of the mountains had formed into strange shapes that some would think looked a little artificial.

The Anshar bus then went transparent, and data began to appear all around me.

I looked down and saw the huge H-shaped structure inside a crater. There was a very symmetrical channel that was cut along the middle of the H. Deep down in the channel, an area lit up through the technology of the craft we were in. We then traveled to this location at a very high rate of speed. Even though I didn’t feel any inertia, my mind gave me that falling feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is not that easy for me to feel this way anymore after all of my other adventures.

We traveled to the bottom of the H-shaped structure, which was so enormous that there is no other known structure I can compare it with. We ended up traveling underneath this structure inside a cave. The walls of the cave glistened as if they were crystalline but not transparent.

There were also a couple of structures that resembled and had what looked like the same H symbols all along them – almost like a totem pole.

We were standing in front of a very large entrance into a much larger cavern. Without warning, a 14-foot being appeared before us. He had alabaster white and wore all white. The Anshar referred to him as a “Sentinel.”

His clothing appeared shiny, like plastic or polished leather. His eyes were black and his nose was sort of strange-looking. It angled slightly down from his face and had abnormal-looking structure around the tip area as it sloped back up again. His cheekbones were very clearly defined, almost appearing as if they were made of straight lines. He never said a word. Instead, he turned and slightly motioned us with his head to follow him into the larger cavern.

From the angle we were standing before we entered the cavern, I could see part of a large glass structure. There was a slightly grayish-black hue to the glass like the tinted window on a car. The two pilots stayed at the entrance to the cavern, and continued along beside me.

As we came into the cavern, I was stunned to see that the structure was a part of a giant glass pyramid of sorts. The base of the pyramid was not square. Instead of it being made of straight lines, each edge curved inward, forming an arched appearance as it went up. Each of these four sides also had large, open areas that allowed you to walk into the center of the structure, which we then did.

As we walked inside the structure, the translucent walls began to light up with static symbols all over them. The ceiling inside was over 300 feet tall. The entire structure was well over a thousand feet and ended in an area that appeared to be about 100 feet below the ceiling of the cavern.

The Sentinel then reached into my mind. It was more powerful than the Draco White Royal but was not violent or invasive. The experience began with something akin to a “life review.” I began seeing memories flash by from all throughout my life – like seeing my father in an old blue rocking chair that we once had. The memories appeared in sudden fragments, like a video on . It was obvious that it was going in time from the present and that my entire life was encapsulated in there if I could have slowed everything down. I then began experiencing further “memories” that were not mine – from this lifetime anyway. They would appear and disappear so fast that I could not retain them. The feel of these memories was cosmic and outrageous, yet familiar. It reminded me of seeing precious data go by on a computer screen, where it was so fast that you could not consciously retain the information.

Ever since this experience, I have felt as if a massive zip file has been loaded into my mind. It takes up a large amount of storage space and I do not yet have the password to unlock its contents.

The Sentinel then addressed me for one and only one time.

He asked, “Do you want the knowledge of who you were, who you are and who you will be?” I was startled by the communication, which I seemed to feel not just in my head but in my entire body. Again I was compelled to answer no. I had been told that the answer would drastically change the nature of all of my personal relationships in a variety of ways that I cannot foresee. This made me feel concerned about my family, among other things.

I then saw some movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced at , who had her arms crossed and was looking down with a huge smile on her face.
It appeared that the stubbornness she had mentioned when she asked me the same question before had still persisted, though I was comfortable in my reply.

Immediately the structure came alive. There were all sorts of colored symbols that began to move across the glass structure. I looked at and the Sentinel to see their reaction. quickly pointed her skinny finger back up at the glass structure, and communicated “Watch!”.

I saw what appeared like two different types of symbols. Some were large and static, and the others moved in all while flashing colors. I felt as if sounds were occurring inside my head, instead of being physically audible in the structure. I couldn’t understand what I was looking at. I must admit I was very surprised to see similar symbols appear in a recent crop circle. Even if this formation is somehow a hoax, it may be that the minds of those who created it were inspired by the same consciousness that I had interacted with. As I saw some of the symbols in the crystal pyramid, I had a sudden thought that these were numbers and mathematical formulas.


I asked if these were math equations, and she impatiently “This is a mathematical language of the ancients.” She pointed back at the structure and told me to keep looking. Suddenly all of the symbols disappeared, except for the ones that were present when we first walked in. The Sentinel then disappeared without any further communications. then turned and walked out of the structure as I followed her. I was extremely confused and a bit disappointed in the experience. I was thinking, “That’s it?”

She then told me that we were now headed to the Ancient Builder Race (ABR) outpost outside the orbit of Saturn.

I stopped walking and asked her what just happened. She said that information was delivered to me and had also been received from and that it would all make much more sense in the future. I wondered what information they could possibly extract from me that they didn’t already know. I wanted to keep pushing the topic, but could sense that she wasn’t going to expound on what she already communicated.

We joined the two Anshar pilots that were now inside the Anshar Bus craft. We then exited the caverns below the H structure, and in an we were back in space.

I could see Saturn, and from what I could judge at the time, it was about the size of a silver dollar. We then entered one of the temporal bubbles, just like the one that I would fly through when going to the Super Federation meetings in approximately the same position around Jupiter. As we penetrated the outer barrier of the temporal anomaly, I could see an exact replica of the embassy station that the Super Federation meets in. No other craft were docked with this station. The Anshar vessel’s data displays indicated that there was zero activity or life signs present.

We docked and then entered. We walked down the long narrow part of the station and ended up in the same foyer entrance that I recognized from the Jupiter station. As suddenly as in the ABR outpost, another Sentinel appeared in front of us. nothing was said. The Sentinel reached inside my mind just as the other one had.

I saw visions of large spherical objects directing bolts of electricity at huge craft coming into the solar system. Although I could not make out exactly what these spheres were, they could have been moons or planetoids. They were that large. They did not appear similar to the spheres that are visiting our solar system now, and they were much more tangible and physical objects.

I observed what seemed like hundreds of scenes of these battles that went by very fast, depicting similar events. Then I witnessed a sphere shoot a bolt of electricity at what appeared to be Mars when it still had an atmosphere and liquid water. The bolt tore through the surface of Mars, creating a huge canyon. The atmosphere was filled with debris that then turned red hot. The debris was blown away from the planet and also rained down upon its surface.

The atmosphere was filled with steam. A large amount of vapor was stripped from the planet and turned into ice as it drifted into space. Other scenes then flashed through and I was brought back to Mars. It was now heavily and was beginning to look similar to how it appears today.

I then saw large mushroom clouds appear on the surface as gigantic vessels were fleeing from the planet in all directions. Some of them were headed towards Earth, whereas others were headed in the opposite direction. I knew this was a completely separate incident that had occurred long after the planet’s initial devastation. It appeared to have been a global nuclear war.

I was beginning to notice that my breathing and heartbeat had increased dramatically. I felt my chest tighten up with anxiety. The scene then stopped as suddenly as it had started, and the Sentinel disappeared.

looked at me with some and asked if I needed a moment. I asked her what had just happened. She told me that I had received a repository of ABR data that is not available to me on a conscious level. I asked her what good it was if I couldn’t remember it and report it. She smiled and communicated that it would all make sense in the near future. This answer did not satisfy my curiosity about what had occurred in the last two locations we visited. Nonetheless, I knew I wasn’t going to be told anything else for now.

We made our way down the corridors of the Saturn station until we were back at the Anshar Bus. We then returned to the Anshar hangar where we had started our journey. I barely noticed our departure from the station or our arrival at the hangar because I was so deep in thought. I felt extremely drained of energy. I was sent back to my home, where I then crawled into bed in my clothes and went fast asleep.

Since that event, I have had a few etheric conference calls with , as well as a meeting with the SSP Alliance. I was given a little bit of new information, but nothing of real significance in any cosmic sense. I was not offered any of the support that Gonzales had mentioned at this meeting. I had expected that they were going to help me.

When I asked why the help was not forthcoming, I was told that we had to cover a few things first. This led me to believe that they were not just going to give me technology to help reduce or remove some of the symptoms of my regression after the 20 and back SSP service. There were going to .

They were also very interested in obtaining some of the ABR data buried deep in my and offered to help me extract it. It was very clear that they wanted me to become an asset for them. The conditions were for me to drop out of the public eye and work behind the scenes. We were unable to come to an agreement, and the meeting ended with disappointment on both sides.

Ever since then, I have invested a great deal of time trying to access the information that the ABR Sentinels gave me. So far I have been unsuccessful. It was later indicated to me that if I had accepted the Sentinel’s offer, I most likely would have gained immediate access to this information.


It is very interesting for me to read Corey’s latest experiences.

Even though he hasn't read much of The Ascension Mysteries yet, there are multiple, direct correlations between the contents of this new book, due out August 30th, and what Corey just experienced.

The book combines insider intel, ancient religious teachings and scholarship from the Law of One series to tell the story of an ancient battle between good and evil that has raged on in our solar system for half a million years.

The story begins with an Ancient Builder Race that originated here some 2.6 billion years ago, according to the Law of One. This group first appeared on Venus.

Corey now seems to have received a direct tour of some of their surviving original facilities. He was introduced to a holographic form of either the beings themselves or one of their protectors in the form of the Sentinels.

A group known as the “Guardians” gave the Ancient Builder Race a powerful defensive technology to protect against alien invasion. This came in the form of entire moons that acted as weapons, similar to the Death Star in the Star Wars movie franchise.

These weapons originally protected our own solar system and dozens of neighboring systems from any hostile invaders, since we are in a highly coveted area of the galaxy.

Our own solar system appears to have been used as a type of “cosmic penal colony,” where people who had failed to reach Ascension on other worlds were relocated here in the hopes of reform.

Instead, these people ultimately cut a deal with negative, predatory AI that infused their bodies with nanites and gave them super-human capabilities.

With the crushing power of the AI at their disposal, they were able to hack into these defensive moons and use them as offensive weapons, which they were never intended for.

This group, which I call the Empire, became extremely warlike. They were attacking other neighboring planets, earning them powerful enemies.

Gonzales had already suggested that the destruction of Mars was due to a weapons fire from one of these moons hitting the planet itself. Corey’s visions now appear to directly corroborate this suspicion.

I find it very interesting that the beings working with Corey are now speaking in the same type of verbiage as we see in the Law of One series. I had felt all along that we were dealing with the same people.

Realizing that the source of the Law of One would show up here in such a physical and personal fashion has been one of the greatest surprises of my life.

Corey gets to experience these things firsthand, whereas I have needed to hear it from him – at least up until now, with a few notable exceptions that we have not yet gone public with.

The scope and depth of his experiences equally matched by the personal toll that I have witnessed this take on him. It is very unlikely, if not impossible that he is lying. Everything I know and see tells me that he is having very real experiences.

Both of us have experienced very and ongoing “negative greetings,” in the Law of One sense.

This has caused every level of the people we are working with to be dissatisfied with both of us, and feel that we are not doing enough to help this initiative move forward.

Both of us have been through profound personal transformations and healing experiences recently that hopefully will allow us to be far more productive and pro-active as we move forward.

The information Corey received about a solar event leading to some sort of mass ascension is very thoroughly examined in the book. These new data points only further underline the significance of what I wrote about.

Let’s also not forget that I had been given the book cover in a vision, and when the finished product arrived, Corey had just visited the inner earth alliance for the first time.

The book cover has an obelisk with a glowing light at the top, and an image of Saturn behind it, as I had indicated.

group traces themselves back to Saturn, and they Saturn pendants. Also, they have a large obelisk in their gardens with a bright light at the top – just as I had asked for there to be on my book cover.

The likelihood of all of this being a coincidence is extremely minute, if not laughable for me to consider on a personal level.

The only realistic position a skeptic could take is that Corey and I are somehow collaborating on all of this. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Karma befalls me with such exacting precision at this point that I don’t dare lie about anything. I struggle to have every thought be as positive and loving towards myself and others as possible.

Neither of us getting rich on this, and Corey’s financial difficulties are still an ongoing factor that we have to manage and plan around.

Corey has been through such intense experiences that he has often needed to withdraw completely for weeks at a time. I was in a similar position throughout much of the first half of this year, which has caused a lot of problems.

Critical intel was given to both of us for immediate disclosure, and when we failed to release it, both of us suffered punitive consequences.

Corey went through far more severe experiences than anything I can remember happening to me on my own.

Now we are both getting our lives put back together and figuring out how to harmonize into this admittedly very bizarre situation.

I do not expect you to just take my word for it about all of these fantastic-sounding situations.

We have Cosmic Disclosure, a weekly show in which you can see Corey describing all of this for yourself, and decide whether you believe him or not.

The first month is still practically free, as you can see everything for 99 cents with no extra fees for cancellation.

Many thousands of viewers have been astonished at the level of depth and seriousness in Corey’s testimony as he answers my spontaneous questions. He never misses a beat, nor have I ever caught him in a contradiction.

My new book is thoroughly backed up with as many scientific facts and corroborating statements from a wide variety of insiders that I could gather.

Your pre-ordering of the book before August 30th that you will get it when it first comes out, and can also help us reach the New York Times best-seller list once again, which enhances its overall credibility dramatically.

As far as I can tell, all of these things really are true. is very, very strange indeed. Before long, we will find out for ourselves what is going to happen.

In the meantime, the Law of One the importance of love, compassion, and service to others as being the most important keys to personal and planetary Ascension.

If you are worried about whether or not you are going to “make it,” the answer is very simple: Just be nice!

It seems almost ridiculous that such complex material could boil down to such a simple message, but that is the nature of what we are dealing with.

It does appear that we will see far more visible signs of these changes in our future, and I encourage you to prepare yourself for Ascension… you know, just in case.

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