FORMER Project Avalon MEMBER Military Advanced Technology Whistleblower Part 2


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A FORMER Project Avalon MEMBER Military Advanced Technology Whistle Blower Part 2

Published on Jan 21, 2015

 The long awaited "Part Two Interview" is now uploaded and ready to be listened to. Many will not that MUCH has changed since this Interview was recorded on November 23rd 2014. (Click Image Below for MP3)


Click on the IMAGE Above to GO TO THE PART 2 INTERVIEW.

During the time I was speaking out on the "ET AI Threat" and the danger of the Human "AI Prophets" pushing their "Agenda" I was having technical issues constantly while trying to discuss these topics. At the end of this interview we end in mid thought while talking about symptoms of "AI Infections"... This entire interview was plagued with technical glitches, strange "Noises" and disconnections. If not for the talent of a good friend who is a Commercial Music Editor and quite a professional indeed non of this Part 2 would have been salvaged. My thanks to him. 

And as I ALWAYS SAY... PLEASE, Always run everything that anyone says through your own discernment filter. Do not blindly accept information into your own belief system no matter where it comes from or who the source is. This is your path, your walk... step wisely and use your filter and listen to that little voice inside... Your Higher Self will guide you! (IMHO) 


Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary. WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS!  

Quite an "Awake and Aware" moment will occur I promise...

David Wilcock recently did a very interesting Internet Radio Interview and then article on his web site. I think this is will worth your time as well... His Interview was disconnected while live on the air as well.

Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure! 

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